Facebook Wall jQuery Plugin

jQuery Plugin

Our jQuery plugin fb.wall was a nice plugin to display the Facebook Wall of a user or a page on your website. The design of the wall derives from the Facebook look’n’feel and can be customized easily via CSS. We developed fb.wall in 2010 and our plugin became very popular all over the world.

Since 2010 Facebook changed their Graph API a lot of times, they added server request limits and the need of access tokens. With a pure JavaScript solution it was not possible to provide access tokens in a safe way. Therefore we developed neosmart STREAM.

neosmart STREAM is the offical successor of fb.wall

It’s a mighty plugin to display your Facebook newsfeed. We added Twitter and WordPress Support, we added an internal cache and we developed an easy-to-use admin area. neosmart STREAM is free and you can use it for your personal or commercial website. The download, themes, documentation and our forum you find on: