8 Dez 2011

Dear friends of the neosmart.fb.wall,

good news: we are currently working on a brand new version with lots of new features. For example, with our new version you’ll be able to integrate other networks such as Twitter and comment on posts as well as forward or like them using the plug-in. The new version will be available starting February 2012. As a consequence, we won’t be offering more updates for the latest version except for the one we are offering today.

At the moment, we are still receiving some feedback on the current version. Most of you are sending us messages like this:

I get the error message: (# 4) Application request limit reached.
Can you fix it? How much does it cost?

This error message shows up because the Facebook API allows only 600 requests per minute. The only way to fix this is to cache the requested data. Of course, you can also use the current version’s final update 1.2.8.. This update includes a cache for the Graph API and solves this problem. Prerequisite is that your server supports PHP, and CURL extension is installed.
If you don’t want to wait for the new release in February and would like to install the update, send us a message to and we will send you update 1.2.8 as a zip-file.

Many of you have also been asking about development costs. To split the development costs with all who benefit from the plug-in, we will charge a flat fee of 99.00 €.

With your payment you will not only pay a small part of the development of the plugin to date but also support future development. The plug-in is well documented can be used commercially on any website.
And to make the decision even easier: once the new version is ready, anyone who has purchased update 1.2.8 will receive another update to the new PRO version with all the new features in February.

Best regards,
Your neosmart team


Daniel Benkenstein

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