Development News: neosmart.fb.wall

20 Feb 2012

We would like to give you a short update for the new version of neosmart.fb.wall:

  • The development is done for 80% and we are doing the first tests with the prototype
  • Reading, caching and styling the data from Facebook is working fine

At the moment we develop a solutions for an exciting point:

  • Facebook announced the „Deprecation of Offline Access Permission“
  • The task for us is now to implement a workflow for the admin to reactivate neosmart.fb.wall (=creating a new access token when it is expired)
  • According to Facebook it should be possible to „using our new endpoint to exchange them for new access_tokens that have a longer expiration time“

Last but not least

  • We get lots of emails with support questions for neosmart.fb.wall. If we would answer them all, we would not make our daily work. With the new version we release a forum and faq, hopefully this helps for the majority of the requests. Please ask you to help each other. We don’t answer anymore support emails. Till the forum is online you can use our facebook wall.

Daniel Benkenstein

Daniel schreibt im Blog von neosmart über aktuelle Projekte und Technologien. Als Geschäftsführer von neosmart ist er der richtige Ansprechpartner für Projektanfragen und Bewerbungen.